The Art of a Lazy Sunday

With two insanely busy wedding themed weekends behind me, on Sunday I was able to re-live (and hopefully revive) an old pastime of mine. Doing nothing on a Sunday surrounded my friends and family. Some people thrive off of constantly needing something do and being out, but I can say there is nothing like dropping down on a couch with your peeps and finding some random marathon to lock on to (our marathon of choice this Sunday happened to be Bridezillas).Couch

You’re probably thinking how is being lazy an art? Well what some people don’t realize is, it’s what goes on during that lounge time that makes it an art. Lazy Sundays shouldn’t occur EVERY Sunday, nor should they be planned. In many cases people will just gravitate to the living room and won’t budge until the sun is down under the horizon. I’ve also had it occur when friends will just call up to see what’s up, come over and end up on your couch.

But enough about how it OCCURS, it’s about the magic that happens when everyone is together. The thing I enjoy the most is the TV is merely a backdrop to what’s going on between everyone. Somebody will be watching the show, someone might be on the computer (this weekend my friend decided to look up actual crime scene photos for fun), working on a project or anything for that matter. Throughout the day we’ll have small (but meaningful) conversations about a tiny topic either prompted by what we’re watching (no bride or bridezilla will ever treat us like that) or what the particular person is doing (How does one commit murder and live with it?). And of course the experience can be tiring, so there is light napping throughout the day. I learn a lot about my friends and family when we do these lazy Sundays and it’s an unfortunate experience I don’t get to share with a lot of friends because they can be obsessed with constantly doing things and going out. I sure hope that this type a day isn’t slowly going the way of the buffalo, because if you do it right, it’s relaxing, stress-relieving, thought-provoking kind of day.

Yes, I’m bringing lazy back.

And it’s totally an art form.


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