Octagon Global Recruiting on LOST

Did you watch LOST last night? Did you see the commercial?

Sign up bitches.


I’m assuming it’s going to be another alternate reality game. Either way, I’m super pumped. The last ARG was absolutely fantastic. The LOST Experience is laid out at Lostpedia.

Next new episode of LOST airs NEXT YEAR..color me depressed.


5 responses to “Octagon Global Recruiting on LOST

  1. I can’t believe that show is still on.

  2. I can’t believe you’re not watching it. It’s a masterpiece.

  3. Your blog already died!!!!!!

  4. Sorry buddy not workin’ on a schedule.

  5. A whole year to wait for Ben.


    Actually, I’m interested to see how the format of the show is going to be now. And…. No, I won’t put spoilers.

    I ❤ Ben.

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