Beastie Boys x Daft Punk x Capsule Remix

I’m not really the one for mash-up songs. I always have such high hopes that two songs that I like, when woven together will be this masterpiece but, I usually end up with a steaming pile of failure in my ears (Eww, I know). So while working this weekend I was trying to find some music videos I saw a mashup of three bands I enjoy quite a bit, Beastie Boys, Daft Punk and Capsule (an Electronic/Techno Japanese group) I thought to myself, “This will either sound absolutely horrible or I’m going to have some happy ears.” I’m glad to say it was the latter. What impressed me the most from the mix was how the artist was able to blend the three songs together. If you like it here’s the mp3.

Starry Sky
Ch-Check It Out

Perfume-Rhyme the Macaroni Well 

I wasn’t a fan of Perfume because of their high pitched voices, but their electronic stuff I’m starting to get into more. I think this mash-up might be my favorite one.

Rhyme the Well

The mixes were remixed & edited by Novoiski. He’s putting out a mix CD sometime this summer, visit his blog for more info. [MySpace] [Blog] [Website]


2 responses to “Beastie Boys x Daft Punk x Capsule Remix

  1. I did some sluething and found this page which looks like you go on moreso than MySpace or Facebook.


    I know.

    But as I was saying (Planning on it actually. Up to this point I haven’t actually said [Typed] what I came here to say [Type]), I haven’t seen y’all in forever and I still (Yes, still) have your “shit.”

    You’re surprised I didn’t trade it in for crack or sex aren’t you.

    Admit it. (I am too.)

    So the point is that some weekend in the future that doesn’t have days for patriarchal celebration or sibling birth shindigs, we will have to chill.

    Or just sit around and stare at everything in the room but each other in total silence.

    Balls in your court on that one.

  2. By “shit” I hope you mean books. Cause I love books. We do need to hang and I’m down for this weekend or the next, guess I’ll have to take my ass over to facebook and myspace, which I never really have the time for these days…

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