I’ve got a friend on Last Comic Standing!

Jeff DyeI was watching TV last night (surprise, surprise) when I saw a promo for the Last Comic Standing competition in Las Vegas Thursday and saw my old high school friend Jeff Dye (for like .5 seconds (is it possible for less of a second to be plural?)). He went to a rival high school and since our football team sucked and theirs was good we used to hang out at their games and give them crap (we also ran the concession stand for every high school football team that played at our stadium (thanks Key Club : /) and chatted it up when his team played there, too). I’ve got a funny end of the school year picture with him that I have to dig up, but I’ll post it if I find it within a couple of days.

He played up at Western a few months ago, he the first person I’ve know to do something this big. I hope the best for him and if you’re watching vote!

Jeff Dye – Last Comic Standing Full Audition


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