Note to Self…

Good lord stop eating tomatoes! It’s like Russian Roulette with food, and I’ve been eating them like I don’t have a care in the world. I don’t like being curled up in a ball with abdominal pains, so why in the world have a I continued to eat them? The FDA has said 383 people have fallen ill since April in 30. And I’ve noticed a lot of restaurants have stopped serving them.

Last week I went to Chihuahua’s (a family Mexican restaurant in Ferndale, WA) and ordered a taco salad and when the waiter set it down I noticed something was off about the dish. It wasn’t until several hours later I realized that there were not tomatoes on it. 

The FDA still doesn’t know where the source is from and Washington has been identified as one out of nine states that has tainted tomatoes. What sucks is that normally I don’t eat tomatoes, but just these past two weeks I’ve craved them on nearly everything. Sucks.

[Icky Tomatoes] via AP


5 responses to “Note to Self…

  1. Gorge yourself on grape or cherry tomatoes. Those are s’posed to be ok.

    If we can just keep the migrant workers from pooping in the fields, then tomatoes and spinach would only be tainted with pesticides and not human fecal matter.

    mmm, poop. I like eating poop. Montezuma be damned!

  2. Glad to know that I am not the only person who is currently missing their tomatoes.
    Since this tomato recall (?), I’ve been craving a giant fucking BLT like no ones business.
    It’s about all I can think about.
    Which, of course, is bizarre as I normally hate the little red bastard. Especially on sandwiches.

  3. @ Hodges
    It’s a damn conspiracy. I hope it doesn’t last very long, because we should celebrate by getting BLTs at the ‘shoe. Hmmmm I wonder if the have BLTs at the ‘shoe.

    @ Poem
    Ahhh, poop. Montezuma has done me over too many times to give in this time. Now I shall be cautious.

  4. Coprophagia is the sensation that’s sweeping the nation. Go ahead and eat up, me hearties.

  5. BLT’s at the shoe? Jeez, whether the tomatoes are tainted or not, I think you’re probably still rolling the dice with your digestive health.

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