Exxxxtreme Hacking

A stocking stuffer for all my IT friends! Though I honestly think some of them might give the fire hack a whirl. The sack is made of kevlar (so it doesn’t end up as a pile of ashes) and you just dowse it with kerosene and REALLY play hot potato.


This product is also extremely fun! You will need white gas, kerosene, or ‘tiki torch fuel’ to light this bag. Tiki torch fuel is does not burn as hot as most other fuels. Do not use gasoline! Use only a small amount and test it first! Overly soaked bags can be EXTREMELY dangerous since excess burning fuel can stick to clothing and/or skin. Keep your fuel source completely away (100 yards minimum) from your kicking area.

It’s yours for a measly $25. [UPDATE] Apparently these things are only on sale for a limited amount of time and when they are sold out, they’re done.

Fire Footbag: Fiery Hackey Sack Surprisingly Not Endorsed By Your Local Fire Department via [Geekologie]


3 responses to “Exxxxtreme Hacking

  1. flipflopsintherain

    Well, this is one surefire way of making sure I never come back to Ferndale….

  2. Yeah, try hacking in flipfops with THAT!

  3. egads, no more bare foot hacking for me!

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