Ladies and Gentlemen…

The BEST picture.

If I come out with a rap CD, you’re looking at the cover.

courtesy of Poem ; )


8 responses to “Ladies and Gentlemen…

  1. Pure genius!

    And, uh, Crazy? The chances of you making a rap album really aren’t that likely. Maybe it could be a cover for a video game! Midgets gone wild!

  2. I just got a program that’ll let me mix/make beats. Oh there will be a single, but a game isn’t that bad of an idea either…

  3. Will you autograph the single for me?

    And I just realized how dirty my video game title sounds….

  4. Solid Gold. That album would make us millions. You know I’d have a track or two on that….
    Is that Layla in the back or who the heck is that?

  5. Ahh, it’s Cari. Maggie, we’ll totally do a remix!

  6. i would like to give a shot out to Poem for that lovely photoshop job, it’s clean… but now knowing that’s Cari. Um.. that’s just her face, right? (dumb question, I know).

  7. Yes Shannon, that’s just Cari’s face. She’s got little hands…

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