When Cute Dogs do Bad Things

Hi Friday, I’m so glad you’re here (if you hadn’t noticed, I’ve given up on the haikus).  Now, I’m not the one to go about posting cute things (example: post below), but these guilty looking dog videos collected by Urlesque were beyond passing up. I had a dog named Molly and she used to tear through garbage cans, hide whole chicken carcasses in baskets, and other such unsightly things around the house, and guilty looks were a commonplace with her. While watching these videos it always seems like the dog was probably having a ball when they were tearing things up, but once they were done, they remembered, “Oh shit, I have NO way to clean this up.”  They hide, give big teary eyes or try distracting you by requesting a belly rub. And most of the time, we give in. I always did.

They have about nine dogs, but LeeLoo was the best:

Guilty Dogs via [Urlesque]


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