A Weekend of Accomplishing Nothing…Except Watching The X-files

I guess my weekend goals were too lofty, for I did not accomplish the majority of them. I blame my comfy green dress, comcast’s sucky website and The X-files. I own four seasons of the show now, and I have to say it’s one of my better (if not best, yeah I said it better than buying LOST) TV series purchasing decisions. Re-watching this series just proved to me how amazing this show was. It had the best balance of drama, comedy and of course sci-fi.

Of course I’m a bit biased. At the apex of my geekiness I was a apart of the official X-files fan club. I got magazines, bought a script of Bad Blood (one of my favorite episodes) and even had a window decal that survived until last year when I threw it away (I was a member in ’98). I will forever have a female crush on Gillian Anderson and a crush on David Duchovny.

He’s one damn good looking man. And they stole my weekend from me.

BTW: I bought a jersey green dress a few weeks ago. When I get home I immediately put it on, it’s amazing. I wear it around the house, ergo I stay home to wear the dress. Comcast wouldn’t let me access their website which is the only way I PAY MY BILL.

3 responses to “A Weekend of Accomplishing Nothing…Except Watching The X-files

  1. sunburnfreezerburn

    that is a great accomplishment for the weekend. I wonder how many episodes you can last in a day.

    I have the same problem too. Since I bought all 9 DVDs two months ago, I can’t last a day without watching at least one episode. As spooky as it is, it’s like drugs… lol

    DD and GA are both good looking actors. But I always insist it’s Mulder who I have a crush on and Scully who I admire – she rocks especially when she’s dissecting something.

  2. I’m sure with enough sleep the day before, I could do a 24-hour x-files marathon. Scully’s a bad ass when she busts out the science.

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