My Goal…

is to do 100 crunches a day (weekends optional). I finished my first set today.


I think my abdominal muscles are going to pack up and leave me. : (


3 responses to “My Goal…

  1. you’ll totally be able to do this, L. I have faith. I’d recommend doing 4 sets of 25 to let your body rest/restore. This might even allow you to pick it up to 200 in no time!

    another suggestion i have is getting a balance ball or bender ball (

    good luck, buddy!

  2. Thanks! I need a better way to do crunches at home. It’s hurting my back to just do them regularly on the floor.

    Breaks are totally the way to go, I did 50 at one time annnnnnd it felt like something inside my abdomen was going to explode. eep!

  3. 1. yoga mat
    2. i’ll come by next week and show you 6 different ways to do sets of 25 that will have you working all of your abs for a total of 150, you’ll be done in a few minutes and you’ll feel awesome 😉

    BadaBoomBadaBing! I applaud your goal!

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