Just Another Saturday Night on Holly St

Now before you go, “Wow she really knows how to live on a Saturday!” I must say I do occasionally enjoy being a loner, and that’s what I did on Saturday. After digging around the fridge and realizing I had the makings of a delicious Naan pizza (I’m totally obsessed with garlic Naan), which could of also been eaten raw! Yum!, I settled down to watch the uplifting movie Last King of Scotland.

Somebody's night ended on a low note.

Too much of a good time perhaps?

I cranked my TV up to an astounding 25 on the volume scale to drown out all the Bellingham socialites drunkenly jaywalking, slamming on their car breaks to miss them, thinly veiled shouts of violence and last call tomfoolery, however it did not shield me from the flashing lights of law enforcement, or so I thought was law enforcement…

Within a second I paused my movie and leapt to the window expecting to see the cops taser a belligerent fool (I’ve seen that happen from my bedroom window, already on Railroad). Nope, it’s a fire truck and ambulance outside of the Royal. Oh Royal, you and your ceaseless weekend entertainment. So after 15 minutes of taking pictures of this mess, they wheel the person out on stretcher. Besides whatever happened to this person I’m sure it didn’t help to be surrounded by drunken people, which had crowded around the block, so I snap a few more pictures. A hell of a mess indeed.

Makes me wish I was sitting in the window sipping on a glass of wine AND snapping pictures.

Stay classy Railroad and Holly, stay classy.

Yes, I really know how to have a Saturday night. 

And, yes, Last King of Scotland is a great (although disturbing) movie.


2 responses to “Just Another Saturday Night on Holly St

  1. what happened? somebody die?

  2. No news reports, veeeeeery suspicious.

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