Fall and Winter Booklist

It’s Autumn, the economy is taking a nose dive and it’s getting colder…so it’s time to pick up a book (or 10) and get lost in it all.

I’ve been into H.P. Lovecraft as of late and decided to do some research on the background of the Cthulhu Mythos on Wikipedia. When on Wikipedia one can go from link to link to link and after a few clicks I ended up with a comprehensive Fall/Winter booklist and was prompted by Kevin to share it.

I’d like to call it: Lauren’s Fall/Winter Booklist of Post-Apocalyptic Fun Time Stories! Surely it’ll be less depressing than reality.

The House on the Borderland
Level 7
Alas, Babylon
The Road
The Postman
Children of the Dust
Dr. Bloodmoney, or How We Got Along After the Bomb
The Penultimate Truth
The Jungle
The World Jones Made


2 responses to “Fall and Winter Booklist

  1. The Jungle… Wow that’ll be a heavy read. I’ve always wanted to read that in it’s entirety–we read part of in my junior year of high school and man it is descriptive. I only remember a guy falling into one of the big grinding machine… that meat packing industry is a terrible place to mess around in.
    Books on my list this Fall/Winter:
    Finish Renovation of the Heart (I’m reading this for a book club), Paradise Lost and Lord of the Flies. It’s a short list, but your a much faster reader than I … and I have a short attention span. I’m hoping to spend a lot of time writing this Winter.

  2. “Lucifer’s Hammer” was the one I was telling you about with the comet striking the world and cannibalism and what not pursuing.

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