The Best Part of Waking Up

Every morning, when I get up an arrive at work it’s pitch black. For me it’s comforting, for others it’s a constant reminder that they should be still asleep. However, I know in just a few hours the sun will begin to burn against the mountain horizon and every morning I watch the sun rise. I realized today, that although it looks the same way every morning, it is never boring.

Every day (sky permitting) I watch the sun blaze its charted course from the western mountains to eastern horizon (blocked by trees), and all from my desk. As a astronomy/mythology nut it has more symbolism, but it is truly an experience to see or have. It’s as if you can actually feel the rotation of the Earth.


4 responses to “The Best Part of Waking Up

  1. this mornings sunrise was amazing.

  2. incredible picture lauren.

  3. When I get off work, it’s pitch dark. When I get home from work, it’s still pitch dark. When I drive to work, it’s already getting dark. I haven’t seen the sun in 7 months. What’s a sunrise?

  4. Yeah, I’ve had shifts like that. You should make a sunrise your desktop background so you can at least pretend you don’t live like a vampire. : P

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