Gotta Sell Some Tech to Get Some Tech

Okay, so now I’m obsessed with getting a Zune. I’m going to pick up iPod Touch some time in the future, but I want the Zune now. If you didn’t know I was a gadget whore before, you now know.

I currently own 4 external hard drives, two 80GB, one 120GB and a 1TB (which I just bought). I’m going to sell the first three, and I’m clearing them off at home as we speak (figuratively). If anyone is interested or knows anyone interested just let me know and we’ll negotiate a price.

They’ve all treated me well, never failed on me, but I cannot continue to stack these bitches on top of each other.

Willing to ship too. It’s all first come first serve.

One response to “Gotta Sell Some Tech to Get Some Tech

  1. God fuckin’ lord. If I had money I would buy one of those beasts. If not only to back up my computer, but to allow you to buy shit you probably don’t necessarily need, but want because it clicks and whirs (Very, very quietly sure, but I bet it still clicks and whirs even if we can’t here it.) and this is something I fully understand and support. Godspeed.

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