I’m already feeling it.

rubiks-cube-alarm-clockIt’s just going to be THAT type of year. It’s a good thing. I’m heading out of the country again AND I’m going to meet a slew of southern relatives I don’t know. At. All.

January –  Oregon

March – Belize!!!??

April – The parents are coming!

Late April/March – DC?

Summer – Memphis, Maggie’s baaaaaby, DC?, San Fransisco

Dec – Wisconsin

I might slide a trip to the Grand Canyon in May (if anyone is interested pipe up!)

Kind of sucks to simi-plan out the big things for the year. It feels like it’s already zipping along.


3 responses to “I’m already feeling it.

  1. What’s taking you to Belize? Doesn’t seem like your usual vacation spot…

  2. A friend’s parents run a hotel and ranch down there, and of course as the way all things go in life, as of this afternoon, that trip is up in the air.

  3. flipflopsintherain

    I wish I could join you guys in Belize — unfortunately, my $150 Britney concert is that same week……

    my life is so sad.

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