Go Away Resolutions!

A while back I made a commitment to do 100 crunches a day, but that fell by the way side. I only kept it up for a month, however, it looks like the workout goals I’ve got set up for this year are working out. Of course this time around I’ve got more than a few reasons to stay in shape, but I wanted to get serious about my health this year.

To be honest I let myself go about 5 months ago eating whatever I wanted and lounging about. I admit that camping and doing some summer activities with Brian did help out, but I got lazy after that. After Christmas it was really rough, I mean I could feel my body turn in into a blob. So forget New Years’ Resolutions when I got back I decided to suit up every day at 4 pm and do a regular workout plan. I’m feeling better, looking better (I think) and I’m not getting off this workout anytime soon.

I plan on spending quality time in my two piece this Summer.

2 responses to “Go Away Resolutions!

  1. Two Piece?! You’re brave my friend. I’ve never in my life worn a bikini.

  2. I’ve spent the past two years (I think) in a two piece, so I’m pretty comfotable in one. Girl you would look awesome in one.

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