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X-Files Comic Issue #1

Cover of X-Files #1

Cover of X-Files #1

When I went to Comic-Con last summer I was thrilled to find out that there was a new X-files comic coming out. I was even able to meet the artist behind is Brian Denham (who’s incredibly nice) and have him sign a limited edition poster (weeeee)! I was able to pick up some issues of the stand alone comic issue #0 and have been slightly (obsessively) awaiting the arrival of issue #1, which I finally got my hands on yesterday. Once I started I didn’t put it down. The art by Denham was great and portrayed everyone with such realism it was astounding (yay Skinner was there!). The writing is strong, but one could not expect any less from Frank Spotnitz a promient writer and producer from the series. It also seems that the timeline for the comics is based around season 5-7, and you can see elements of Mulder and Scully’s already strong releationship and Scully’s trust in Skinner as a boss and friend. Fans of the TV show will see a few familar faces and pretty awesome fanservice. The first issue, which leaves on a cliffhanger, could of very well held up as its own episode on TV.  I’ll be dilligent in collecting this series, although I’ll have to wait for the newest issue in February. Too long. : (

The New Setup

I’m still in an constant work in progress on the old apt., but I have to say it’s really coming together. I’ve finally set up my record player again then promptly rocked out to some Aaron Copeland and James Taylor. I know. Awesome. Next I’ve gotta find some Michael McDonald. That would be the shit.

Its all about mood lighting. Patriotism not intentional.

It's all about mood lighting. Patriotism not intentional.

Fallout 3…Feeding the Video Game Addiction

The goodies.

Yesterday I went to GameStop yesterday to pick up Fallout 3 and as I updated on my Twitter page added to the list of games that I won’t play for a very long time, I am still excited about the purchase. I’m playing a lot of Fable 2 and really don’t have a ton of time to spread between three expansive rpgs, so I passed Fallout 3 to Aaron until I’m ready to play. Splurging on the collector’s edition was a great boon, however. Just look at what it contained.

I bought it mainly for the bobblehead and it, of course, is awesome. But, I also bought it for the awesome tin lunchbox that came along with it (guess I got a new lunch pail for work!). Also came along with it was a stunning art book. It details all of the landscape, creatures and characters in the game. Although I’d have say that this game is wee bit more gruesome for my tastes once I complete a few more games I’m really excited to jump in and play. See all the goodies below.

Monthly Music – Ram Rider

Ram Rider - Portable Disco

Ram Rider - Portable Disco

So here’s what I’m obsessed with now. I’ve always been excited about international music (Japanese especially) and it looks like I’ve tumbled back hard onto it. I’ve also really been into Electronica quite a bit too. This album by DJ Ram Rider from Japan is excellent. most of the time when I run across Japanese Electronica it’s more of a synthesized voice by a female. Now I’m not knocking that, I do enjoy female vocalizations as much as male. The disc has a great mixture of upbeat tracks and a few slow ones, too. I personally enjoyed the final track of the CD. The mix is easily entertaining and I never had a problem relaxing at work and listening to the whole CD without skipping. Portable Disco was also released as a remix CD called Portable Disco 8-bit Edition featuring the amazing YMCK. If interested check out the links below to grab it yourself!

1. Opening
2. Japanese Title
3. Wonderful Film
4. Bedroom Disco
5. Mirror Ball Ram Rider X Meister
6. Sun Lights Stars Ram Rider vs. Space Cowbow
7. Feels Gonna Feel
8. Hello
9. Sweet Dance
10. Door Ram Rider X Akira Ishihara
11. Space Walk Ram Rider X Shoes
12. Secret Dance
13. Music
14. Bedroom Disco (Ryuk Yudisko Remix)
15. Yellow Magenta Cyan & Black (Ft Midori)

Download Portable Disco – Here
Portable Disco 8-bit Editon – Here

The Philosophy of Jon Arbuckle

I didn’t realize how profound (and sad, heh)  this comic was until you remove Garfield from the equation. I believe the site has been around for a while.  The single man with a cat (or in this case without) is biz-arre.

garfield minus garfield

Cake Eating Zombies

So as many of you know, I’m pretty into video games (understatement I KNOW), and last week was E3, arguably one of the biggest media summits for the industry. Well, I noticed there were about 6 games having to do with zombies. What did I do with that little nugget of information? Well I proposed to my best friends and co-hosts of Gamespeek that we do a zombie themed episode. I thought maybe a little zombie annoyance from my co-hosts, but we ended up running around, falling around in fields and getting choked and bitten by them. Hell after a while we even had a plot.  Just poor me trying deliver fun zombie video game news while my co-hosts try to stop me (and of course made me apart of the undead). I ended up getting quite an exercise that day, but for having no more than a few scene ideas when we got together we churned the filming out in just about three hours.

As you can see above we awarded ourselves with some delicious tort afterwards.

If you wanna know about the games we’re talking or mumbling about, you’ll have to check out the video when it comes out. I’ll post the video once it’s up and running.

Putting on the make-up was a lot of fun. I might get a little more creative come Halloween, last year I was a member of Geek Squad. That poor excuses of a costume consisted of me printing out their logo and taping it on my laptop case which had ethernet cords and computer magazines inside. I know. Lame.

At the end of the day, I think the toughest part was taking off the make-up. Well not that difficult, but kind of cringe inducing.

All in all it was a fun Sunday. I was beat-up, cut-up and bruised, but as my friend Aaron says, “You can’t have a podcast without some bruising.”

Well I doubt the next podcast will be zombie themed, so I’m a little concerned…

Dragline Show @ WhaaM

Dragline Show @ WhaaM, originally uploaded by forced_perspective.

My friend Aaron‘s band, Dragline, had a show last night in Bellingham at WhaaM. I take pictures for them when I can and have them posted here. I really love taking pictures at shows and it’s really fun to capture the energy of the band and the audience at a hardcore show, they just really get into it.

‘Cause This Is Thriller, Thriller Night…anybody…no?

I’ve been on vacation if you wondered about my absence. More on that later. I crown being back with this lovely lawn sculpture.

If I had a garden, I guaruntee I would own at least one. I hope they come up with more varieties later on. Via [Design Toscano]

please let this be real and not viral marketing…

old bitty battle
a tale of blue versus red
placing bets on blue


 I’m writing a haiku about the week whatever the fuck I want every Friday to start turning the wheels of my ignored creativity. So let’s see if I can keep up with it.

Camera Upgrade, Canon Rebate

Nikon D80

So I’ve decided to give in to the digital overlords and succumb to buying a DSLR. I’ve got a bevy of cameras lying around my apartment, but as I’ve discussed with several friends, film is just too expensive to work with these days. So now I’m in the final throws in deciding what camera I want to get. And I’m leaning toward a Nikon D80 or a Canon 30D.

I’ll spare all the technical talk, but I did learn at the Ritz/CamerasWest in Seattle that the Nikon D80 and above is compatible with all Nikon lenses from 1950, digital or not. That’s a pretty sweet deal, because lenses that old tend to be cheaper and sometimes even better quality. The Nikon is also not as heavy as the Canons are.

However, via Gizmodo, Canon is giving pretty big rebates on DSLRs and Lenses. And these are instant rebates, no headaches with snail mail. [Coupon PDF]

Canon Rebates

I’ll update when I’ve got my new camera, hopefully within a week or two. Post Script: If you’re ever in Seattle and can’t say more about the Ritz/CamerasWest on 1908 4TH Ave in downtown Seattle. They had the best and informative people I’ve ever met in retail.