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So while I don’t ovulate eggs, I ovulate ethics.

Don’t matronize me. The Goddess blessed me with something more important than a woman’s reproductive system. She gave me a sense of political purpose. So while I don’t ovulate eggs, I ovulate ethics. And I will give birth to social justice. Thundering social justice.
— A random comment by some random feminist on a random blog.

P.S. I laughed out loud when I read this. She needs to get over herself.

Star Trek the Next Generation: Re-Imagined (and shorter!)

That has to be one of my favorite shorts by jan van den hemel and andrew hussie. The whole series of clips are entertaining really. You can watch them all here.

Creepy Science for the Day

How do people not know that there are bugs all over your body constantly, these days? I learned about these critters back when I was in elementary school. Especially the little bugs that live on your eyelashes.

I knuckle pound these homies everyday, and by knuckle pound I mean I rub my eyes a lot. It’s a wonder they haven’t eaten my eyeballs and left cavernous dark wholes. I rub my eyes like it’s an Olympic event.

Maybe they drown?

Final Trip to Daiso or “I warm your ankle up by whole my body.”

All of my stuff in bags!

All of my stuff in bags!

Daiso in Bellis Fair closed permanently on Saturday last weekend, and it was quite the staggering loss for Aaron and I. So we coped with it the best way we could; spending three hours wandering around the store, picking up useful and not so useful items. Not to mention reading all of the wonderful Engrish stamped on nearly all of their products. I walked away with two ginormous bags full of stuff. After that we stopped off at  Target so I could buy a rice cooker. And this is what is looks like laid out on my floor. My apartment is slowly becoming an emporium of wonderful things. Once I’ve organized everything I’ll have to post a walkthough (I swear, it’s going to happen).

All of my stuff on the floor!

All of my stuff on the floor!

roll14-146Anyhoo, back to my glorious purchases. I took pictures of the things I’m super excited for. Namely, my super awesome can’t live without potato and onion bag! I mean come on, who needs ugly potatoes sitting out open in their  plastic bag, or better yet rotting away in some cabinet (trust me on this you do NOT want the latter to happen).  I can’t tell you how many potatoes have grown into a high school science fair lesson in biology and chemistry in my 2.5 years of being on my own. So I found that this bag was a must and I quickly bought it. Now all I need is some potatoes…or onions.

roll14-148Next up. Cute! Sponge! I bought one for my sister too. I also bought a sponge holder, because I need cute household products in order for me to have the slightest drive to keep my apartment orderly. Seriously, if you came in my apartment you wouldn’t know if a woman or man lived there besides alloftheunderwearlayingaroundonthefloor, what were we talking about? Right. roll14-149Cat towels. Got one right the stove. I haven’t decided if it’s just going to be decorative or for actual cleaning, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get a major spill, which should be, like, this week sometime.

I also bought three pairs of chopsitcks, one set  was a bright yellow like sunshine and came in a carrying case. They are my favorite and will be going with me everywhere I go.

And this. Oh you’ll get to know all about this real soon.

Oh Bugs Bunny…

You never cease to disappoint me…

The Very Definition of Disturbingly Cute

Seriously entertaining (and catchy, did I mention disturbing?) all the way to the end!

Constructive Criticism

Tell me I’m funny. Or tell me I’m not. Seriously.

The one thing that I am proud that I’ve worked on is my ability to digest constructive criticism. I’m very guarded by my sense of humor and my writing. However, writing that story about a tiny deer had me cracking up on Sunday (maybe because it was late). So I had to share the story. People tell me I’m funny, and at times I usually believe them, but I have this nack for sometimes going too far to explain a joke, or I pick an obscure reference. Example:

“Pick up the pace….Picante!”


I’m sorry. I’m tearing up in laughter, and it was horrible.

The Greatest Sentence of All Time

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

Yes, I’m easily amused.

This Sums It Up Nicely

“The economy is now officially faring worse than a mother in a Disney movie.” — a comment on on the Dow Dropping below 10,000

Delivering the Happiest of News to the Internet

In a world…where our minds are inundated with a steady stream of depressing news about unknown conflicts, death, money leaking from your pockets to places to unknown and political unrest, there is now a site you can go to get the most uplifting news found anywhere on the Internet.

Ren, the newest contributor of Sunshine News!

Ren, the newest contributor of Sunshine News!

Enter Sunshine News! This staff of talented writers (which yours truly just joined in order aid such a worthy cause) is dedicated to scouring the Earth (or their brains) to deliver news that’s good for the heart and soul. If you have any tips or story ideas feel free to get a hold of the writers via their Facebook pages or post a comment on the blog (we’ll give you a shout out if the tip actually manifests into an uplifting and inspiring story).

Sunshine News’ Goal: “We here at Sunshine News are just plum sick and tired of all the negative news out there in our world today. So we figured “Aw heck!” We’re going to just tell stories that make you wanna put a smile on your face. Even if we have brew them up in our happy little brain noodles.”

Start your day the Sunshine way!