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Monthly Music – Passion Pit

This week is E3 so, I really can’t do anything, but focus on video games. Here’s your monthly music. Recapping Belize should be back no later than Monday!

Passion Pit - Manners

These guys are the reason I like steering clear of music reviews and buzz about bands online. I love music and I had no idea Passion Pit was hyped into oblivion after their Chunk of Change EP. One my friends kept talking about them and I finally gave in and decided to give it a listen. Now, I can’t go a day without listening to the whole CD all the way through at least once. This album is summer, this album is fun. I can’t listen to ‘Little Secrets’ with out a huge grin on my face, ‘The Reeling’ is just an amazing song and the video is great and I’ve got future plans for ‘Swimming in the Flood’. I’ll admit the lead singer’s voice is high and can be shrill at times, but for me that’s a complement. I’ve got a thing for awkward voices. If you are looking for a great summer album, I can’t suggest better at the moment.

Manners – Download Here Listen Here


Oh, down in Mexico
I never really been so I don’t really know
Oh, Mexico
I guess I’ll have to go

I’m leaving for Mexico tomorrow and then off to Belize with my friend Lacy. I’m staying in a cabana and the room will have no electricity. I’ll be truly off the grid and in absolute paradise. It’s a much needed vacation and, I’m excited to get out of the country again! Beaches and ruins here I come!

Post inspired by my friend Maggie.

Things I Get Excited About…

Fictional destruction, cataclysmic events and horror. (I own a Doomsday Dictionary if that’s of any hint)
Computers and technology
Video games
Electronica (8bit, house, etc…)

Dancing around my apartment with a dress on.

Monthly Music – Reggie and The Full Effect

Reggie and the Full Effect - Last Stop: Crappy Town

I’ve been listening to Reggie and the Full Effect for I don’t know how many years now and this is the first album that excluded the alternate bands FLUXATION and Common Denominator. Those side bands add such variety and strangeness to Reggie’s albums you’d think it would be extremely noticeable if they were gone. Honestly I didn’t even notice they were missing on Last Stop: Crappy Town until I starting reading reviews. This is a much darker record than most listeners and fans might be used too. To me, there wasn’t any lighthearted lyrics and looking back to ‘ Songs Not To Get Married To‘  where, James Dewees, the lead singer and creator of the band was dealing with his divorce, that this band was capable of touching on more serious subjects. Dewees had mentioned that this record reflected his time going to rehab (hence the names of the tracks, which are all stops the F train made on his way to treatment). I can understand why fans might not enjoy this album, viewing this album in context of what Dewees was going though, however (and that he’s an amazing musician and performer), I’d urge anyone to give this full cd a listen.

Last Stop: Crappy Town – Download Here Listen Here

Gotta Sell Some Tech to Get Some Tech

Okay, so now I’m obsessed with getting a Zune. I’m going to pick up iPod Touch some time in the future, but I want the Zune now. If you didn’t know I was a gadget whore before, you now know.

I currently own 4 external hard drives, two 80GB, one 120GB and a 1TB (which I just bought). I’m going to sell the first three, and I’m clearing them off at home as we speak (figuratively). If anyone is interested or knows anyone interested just let me know and we’ll negotiate a price.

They’ve all treated me well, never failed on me, but I cannot continue to stack these bitches on top of each other.

Willing to ship too. It’s all first come first serve.

The New Setup

I’m still in an constant work in progress on the old apt., but I have to say it’s really coming together. I’ve finally set up my record player again then promptly rocked out to some Aaron Copeland and James Taylor. I know. Awesome. Next I’ve gotta find some Michael McDonald. That would be the shit.

Its all about mood lighting. Patriotism not intentional.

It's all about mood lighting. Patriotism not intentional.

This is Truly Something to Write Home About

d693313v3w1In probably the best news I’ve heard this week so far, Aaron has let me know that The Get Up Kids could be reuniting for a tour. They are playing their first show in years this Sunday and the lead singer was hinting at something possibly (I hope) big. Needless to say I am very excited. Something to Write Home About is my favorite album of all time. When I first heard it, I pretty much fell in love with music back in the late 90s. I can’t even remember how many shows of theirs I went to and save one show I had a blast every time I went. Here’s to more good news on Sunday! If you haven’t listened to this record before I highly HIGHLY recommend it (click the album link above).

Monthly Music – Dri

Dri - Smoke Rings

Singer Adrianne Verhoeven (Dri) has been in several bands including the Anniversary, Art In Manila and Fourth Of July. I know her mainly when she was apart of the Anniversary, easily one of my favorite groups of all time. Aaron alerted me to her debut solo record Smoke Rings early last month and it is highly addictive. It has a indie/bluesy feel to the entire disc. Her voice is a bit deeper than when she was in the Anniversary, but it only goes to enhance the smooth sounding vibe on the record. Smoke Rings is her debut solo record out now on Range Life Records.

You Know I Tried

Smoke Rings – Download Here

Monthly Music – Psapp

Psapp - Cosy in Rocket

They’re called Psapp (sap), and the genre is toytronica or experimental electronica. I am easily hooked in by songs used in commercials and shows and Cosy In Rocket came from the opening of Grey’s Anatomy. I love their music because it sounds like they are making stuff up on the fly and messing with all types of things to make music. It’s really fun and enjoyable to listen to.

Cosy In Rocket – Listen Here

All I Ever Wanted – Download Here

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Monthly Music – Ram Rider

Ram Rider - Portable Disco

Ram Rider - Portable Disco

So here’s what I’m obsessed with now. I’ve always been excited about international music (Japanese especially) and it looks like I’ve tumbled back hard onto it. I’ve also really been into Electronica quite a bit too. This album by DJ Ram Rider from Japan is excellent. most of the time when I run across Japanese Electronica it’s more of a synthesized voice by a female. Now I’m not knocking that, I do enjoy female vocalizations as much as male. The disc has a great mixture of upbeat tracks and a few slow ones, too. I personally enjoyed the final track of the CD. The mix is easily entertaining and I never had a problem relaxing at work and listening to the whole CD without skipping. Portable Disco was also released as a remix CD called Portable Disco 8-bit Edition featuring the amazing YMCK. If interested check out the links below to grab it yourself!

1. Opening
2. Japanese Title
3. Wonderful Film
4. Bedroom Disco
5. Mirror Ball Ram Rider X Meister
6. Sun Lights Stars Ram Rider vs. Space Cowbow
7. Feels Gonna Feel
8. Hello
9. Sweet Dance
10. Door Ram Rider X Akira Ishihara
11. Space Walk Ram Rider X Shoes
12. Secret Dance
13. Music
14. Bedroom Disco (Ryuk Yudisko Remix)
15. Yellow Magenta Cyan & Black (Ft Midori)

Download Portable Disco – Here
Portable Disco 8-bit Editon – Here