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Star Trek the Next Generation: Re-Imagined (and shorter!)

That has to be one of my favorite shorts by jan van den hemel and andrew hussie. The whole series of clips are entertaining really. You can watch them all here.

Oh Bugs Bunny…

You never cease to disappoint me…

X-Files Comic Issue #1

Cover of X-Files #1

Cover of X-Files #1

When I went to Comic-Con last summer I was thrilled to find out that there was a new X-files comic coming out. I was even able to meet the artist behind is Brian Denham (who’s incredibly nice) and have him sign a limited edition poster (weeeee)! I was able to pick up some issues of the stand alone comic issue #0 and have been slightly (obsessively) awaiting the arrival of issue #1, which I finally got my hands on yesterday. Once I started I didn’t put it down. The art by Denham was great and portrayed everyone with such realism it was astounding (yay Skinner was there!). The writing is strong, but one could not expect any less from Frank Spotnitz a promient writer and producer from the series. It also seems that the timeline for the comics is based around season 5-7, and you can see elements of Mulder and Scully’s already strong releationship and Scully’s trust in Skinner as a boss and friend. Fans of the TV show will see a few familar faces and pretty awesome fanservice. The first issue, which leaves on a cliffhanger, could of very well held up as its own episode on TV.  I’ll be dilligent in collecting this series, although I’ll have to wait for the newest issue in February. Too long. : (

YES. It Is Almost That Time Again


January 21st. 8 p.m.

A Weekend of Accomplishing Nothing…Except Watching The X-files

I guess my weekend goals were too lofty, for I did not accomplish the majority of them. I blame my comfy green dress, comcast’s sucky website and The X-files. I own four seasons of the show now, and I have to say it’s one of my better (if not best, yeah I said it better than buying LOST) TV series purchasing decisions. Re-watching this series just proved to me how amazing this show was. It had the best balance of drama, comedy and of course sci-fi.

Of course I’m a bit biased. At the apex of my geekiness I was a apart of the official X-files fan club. I got magazines, bought a script of Bad Blood (one of my favorite episodes) and even had a window decal that survived until last year when I threw it away (I was a member in ’98). I will forever have a female crush on Gillian Anderson and a crush on David Duchovny.

He’s one damn good looking man. And they stole my weekend from me.

BTW: I bought a jersey green dress a few weeks ago. When I get home I immediately put it on, it’s amazing. I wear it around the house, ergo I stay home to wear the dress. Comcast wouldn’t let me access their website which is the only way I PAY MY BILL.

I’ve got a friend on Last Comic Standing!

Jeff DyeI was watching TV last night (surprise, surprise) when I saw a promo for the Last Comic Standing competition in Las Vegas Thursday and saw my old high school friend Jeff Dye (for like .5 seconds (is it possible for less of a second to be plural?)). He went to a rival high school and since our football team sucked and theirs was good we used to hang out at their games and give them crap (we also ran the concession stand for every high school football team that played at our stadium (thanks Key Club : /) and chatted it up when his team played there, too). I’ve got a funny end of the school year picture with him that I have to dig up, but I’ll post it if I find it within a couple of days.

He played up at Western a few months ago, he the first person I’ve know to do something this big. I hope the best for him and if you’re watching vote!

Jeff Dye – Last Comic Standing Full Audition

Octagon Global Recruiting on LOST

Did you watch LOST last night? Did you see the commercial?

Sign up bitches.

I’m assuming it’s going to be another alternate reality game. Either way, I’m super pumped. The last ARG was absolutely fantastic. The LOST Experience is laid out at Lostpedia.

Next new episode of LOST airs NEXT YEAR..color me depressed.