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Star Trek the Next Generation: Re-Imagined (and shorter!)

That has to be one of my favorite shorts by jan van den hemel and andrew hussie. The whole series of clips are entertaining really. You can watch them all here.

Oh Bugs Bunny…

You never cease to disappoint me…

Monthly Music – Dri

Dri - Smoke Rings

Singer Adrianne Verhoeven (Dri) has been in several bands including the Anniversary, Art In Manila and Fourth Of July. I know her mainly when she was apart of the Anniversary, easily one of my favorite groups of all time. Aaron alerted me to her debut solo record Smoke Rings early last month and it is highly addictive. It has a indie/bluesy feel to the entire disc. Her voice is a bit deeper than when she was in the Anniversary, but it only goes to enhance the smooth sounding vibe on the record. Smoke Rings is her debut solo record out now on Range Life Records.

You Know I Tried

Smoke Rings – Download Here

The Very Definition of Disturbingly Cute

Seriously entertaining (and catchy, did I mention disturbing?) all the way to the end!

Zombie Attack!

Here it is. Finally. Our zombie podcast episode is done. We issued a press release and all. Enjoy!

GameSpeek Zombies @ Yahoo! Video

Ladies…Disney Wants a Word With You…

The more you know…Thanks Disney! It gets FANTASTIC at the end…

Don’t forget to keep a calender of “past performances”!

to my friend

my sister sent this to me and it reminded me of cari


How can you hate a face like that?