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Final Trip to Daiso or “I warm your ankle up by whole my body.”

All of my stuff in bags!

All of my stuff in bags!

Daiso in Bellis Fair closed permanently on Saturday last weekend, and it was quite the staggering loss for Aaron and I. So we coped with it the best way we could; spending three hours wandering around the store, picking up useful and not so useful items. Not to mention reading all of the wonderful Engrish stamped on nearly all of their products. I walked away with two ginormous bags full of stuff. After that we stopped off at  Target so I could buy a rice cooker. And this is what is looks like laid out on my floor. My apartment is slowly becoming an emporium of wonderful things. Once I’ve organized everything I’ll have to post a walkthough (I swear, it’s going to happen).

All of my stuff on the floor!

All of my stuff on the floor!

roll14-146Anyhoo, back to my glorious purchases. I took pictures of the things I’m super excited for. Namely, my super awesome can’t live without potato and onion bag! I mean come on, who needs ugly potatoes sitting out open in their  plastic bag, or better yet rotting away in some cabinet (trust me on this you do NOT want the latter to happen).  I can’t tell you how many potatoes have grown into a high school science fair lesson in biology and chemistry in my 2.5 years of being on my own. So I found that this bag was a must and I quickly bought it. Now all I need is some potatoes…or onions.

roll14-148Next up. Cute! Sponge! I bought one for my sister too. I also bought a sponge holder, because I need cute household products in order for me to have the slightest drive to keep my apartment orderly. Seriously, if you came in my apartment you wouldn’t know if a woman or man lived there besides alloftheunderwearlayingaroundonthefloor, what were we talking about? Right. roll14-149Cat towels. Got one right the stove. I haven’t decided if it’s just going to be decorative or for actual cleaning, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get a major spill, which should be, like, this week sometime.

I also bought three pairs of chopsitcks, one set  was a bright yellow like sunshine and came in a carrying case. They are my favorite and will be going with me everywhere I go.

And this. Oh you’ll get to know all about this real soon.

Sushi Sushi Sushi

I could live comfortably if I ate it every week. And after Christmas I’m hoping for that opportunity. I saw this wonderful piece of gadgetry and just knew somehow it needed to be mine.

Oh the possibilities!

Pickles, salmon, bacon!!!!, mushrooms, onions, celery, tuna, fruit, etc (not all together of course). I want one. For Christmas. Make it happen.

I’ll fix you sushi! : )

Just Another Saturday Night on Holly St

Now before you go, “Wow she really knows how to live on a Saturday!” I must say I do occasionally enjoy being a loner, and that’s what I did on Saturday. After digging around the fridge and realizing I had the makings of a delicious Naan pizza (I’m totally obsessed with garlic Naan), which could of also been eaten raw! Yum!, I settled down to watch the uplifting movie Last King of Scotland.

Somebody's night ended on a low note.

Too much of a good time perhaps?

I cranked my TV up to an astounding 25 on the volume scale to drown out all the Bellingham socialites drunkenly jaywalking, slamming on their car breaks to miss them, thinly veiled shouts of violence and last call tomfoolery, however it did not shield me from the flashing lights of law enforcement, or so I thought was law enforcement…

Within a second I paused my movie and leapt to the window expecting to see the cops taser a belligerent fool (I’ve seen that happen from my bedroom window, already on Railroad). Nope, it’s a fire truck and ambulance outside of the Royal. Oh Royal, you and your ceaseless weekend entertainment. So after 15 minutes of taking pictures of this mess, they wheel the person out on stretcher. Besides whatever happened to this person I’m sure it didn’t help to be surrounded by drunken people, which had crowded around the block, so I snap a few more pictures. A hell of a mess indeed.

Makes me wish I was sitting in the window sipping on a glass of wine AND snapping pictures.

Stay classy Railroad and Holly, stay classy.

Yes, I really know how to have a Saturday night. 

And, yes, Last King of Scotland is a great (although disturbing) movie.

The Improvisational Chef Entry One

Cooking is like a fun science project for me. Mixing things together a creating (hopefully) a great result, I know that seems iffy to some people, but seeing as I only have to please myself when it comes to fixing food it’s a decent trade off for me. I, of course, know what I like and what I’m willing try. It’s much easier taking risks when cooking when you’re only cooking for one.

I don’t really use recipes as intended, when I use them I use them as a guide. Pluck the things I want, figure out how to cook something and maybe a guide to measurements, but after that I through caution to the wind, stare into an open refrigerator and begin throwing things together.

I decided a few days ago I’d keep track of what random things I pull together for a meal in case I’d ever like to come back to it some day, and of course to share with anyone who’s interested. First off, some things to know about my cooking method: 1) I don’t measure. At all. I know when I’ve used too much. 2) I don’t care for presentation, this is a feast for my tummy, not my eyes. So now on to my first creation:

The No Name Salmon Dish : )

There should be no fear in learning, so I’m going to start cooking fish more often.

You Need:

Salmon (smoked or not, I used smoked)
Regular or Garlic Naan
Balsamic Vinaigrette
Olive Oil


Cream Cheese (Sour Cream would of worked better, but I didn’t have any.)
Green Onions

Heat the Naan just until it’s warm, so it stays soft. Place uncooked spinach on top. Cook Salmon in butter until it’s light pink then stack in on the spinach. Mix the mushrooms together with dill and the balsamic vinaigrette then sauté in the same pan as the salmon (butter’s already in there). Pour sauce on top.

The sauce started off as a spread for bagels and then I added milk to take it from spread to sauce. Just take softened cream cheese and mix it with blended black olives and chopped green onions. Add milk till you get the thickness you want.

The sides were potatoes that I boiled (to soften) and then broiled (to crisp) in the oven with olive oil and seasoning and a spinach salad. It was all delicious. The best part is you can swap whatever fits you, think it out, it’s improvisational!

And if it doesn’t work just add salt…works for me everytime.