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Final Trip to Daiso or “I warm your ankle up by whole my body.”

All of my stuff in bags!

All of my stuff in bags!

Daiso in Bellis Fair closed permanently on Saturday last weekend, and it was quite the staggering loss for Aaron and I. So we coped with it the best way we could; spending three hours wandering around the store, picking up useful and not so useful items. Not to mention reading all of the wonderful Engrish stamped on nearly all of their products. I walked away with two ginormous bags full of stuff. After that we stopped off at  Target so I could buy a rice cooker. And this is what is looks like laid out on my floor. My apartment is slowly becoming an emporium of wonderful things. Once I’ve organized everything I’ll have to post a walkthough (I swear, it’s going to happen).

All of my stuff on the floor!

All of my stuff on the floor!

roll14-146Anyhoo, back to my glorious purchases. I took pictures of the things I’m super excited for. Namely, my super awesome can’t live without potato and onion bag! I mean come on, who needs ugly potatoes sitting out open in their  plastic bag, or better yet rotting away in some cabinet (trust me on this you do NOT want the latter to happen).  I can’t tell you how many potatoes have grown into a high school science fair lesson in biology and chemistry in my 2.5 years of being on my own. So I found that this bag was a must and I quickly bought it. Now all I need is some potatoes…or onions.

roll14-148Next up. Cute! Sponge! I bought one for my sister too. I also bought a sponge holder, because I need cute household products in order for me to have the slightest drive to keep my apartment orderly. Seriously, if you came in my apartment you wouldn’t know if a woman or man lived there besides alloftheunderwearlayingaroundonthefloor, what were we talking about? Right. roll14-149Cat towels. Got one right the stove. I haven’t decided if it’s just going to be decorative or for actual cleaning, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get a major spill, which should be, like, this week sometime.

I also bought three pairs of chopsitcks, one set  was a bright yellow like sunshine and came in a carrying case. They are my favorite and will be going with me everywhere I go.

And this. Oh you’ll get to know all about this real soon.

Beastie Boys x Daft Punk x Capsule Remix

I’m not really the one for mash-up songs. I always have such high hopes that two songs that I like, when woven together will be this masterpiece but, I usually end up with a steaming pile of failure in my ears (Eww, I know). So while working this weekend I was trying to find some music videos I saw a mashup of three bands I enjoy quite a bit, Beastie Boys, Daft Punk and Capsule (an Electronic/Techno Japanese group) I thought to myself, “This will either sound absolutely horrible or I’m going to have some happy ears.” I’m glad to say it was the latter. What impressed me the most from the mix was how the artist was able to blend the three songs together. If you like it here’s the mp3.

Starry Sky
Ch-Check It Out

Perfume-Rhyme the Macaroni Well 

I wasn’t a fan of Perfume because of their high pitched voices, but their electronic stuff I’m starting to get into more. I think this mash-up might be my favorite one.

Rhyme the Well

The mixes were remixed & edited by Novoiski. He’s putting out a mix CD sometime this summer, visit his blog for more info. [MySpace] [Blog] [Website]