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Minor Update

So, my ipod touch with fun memories of my Belize trip is misplaced. Nothing tragic, it’s been swallowed up in my apartment, and I haven’t had a chance to look for it. I am posting pictures from the trip slowly on my photo blog thischannelalwayschanges.wordpress.com, so feel free to check those out.

I think it’s time for me to find something inane to post about.

Vacation By Numbers

Millions of Leaf Cutter Ants

Thousands of Glittering Eyed Spiders

350+ Photos

111 Visible Bug Bites

30 Minutes to the nearest town

9 Upcoming Blog posts on my adventure

7 Days in Belize

4 Very bumpy, scary flights

3 Scorpions

2 Days in Mexico

1 Kinda, Not so much minor panic over a pandemic

Things I Get Excited About…

Fictional destruction, cataclysmic events and horror. (I own a Doomsday Dictionary if that’s of any hint)
Computers and technology
Video games
Electronica (8bit, house, etc…)

Dancing around my apartment with a dress on.

The Best Part of Waking Up

Every morning, when I get up an arrive at work it’s pitch black. For me it’s comforting, for others it’s a constant reminder that they should be still asleep. However, I know in just a few hours the sun will begin to burn against the mountain horizon and every morning I watch the sun rise. I realized today, that although it looks the same way every morning, it is never boring.

Every day (sky permitting) I watch the sun blaze its charted course from the western mountains to eastern horizon (blocked by trees), and all from my desk. As a astronomy/mythology nut it has more symbolism, but it is truly an experience to see or have. It’s as if you can actually feel the rotation of the Earth.

There’s a New Baby in the Gadget Family

This little berry, I think it's a berry, made my day.

This little berry, I think it's a berry, made my day.

Yesterday I welcomed my new Nikon D90 into my home. Many pictures were taken and many MANY more will come. I’ve also launched a new blog, a photoblog, called This Channel Always Changes. I started it yesterday and updated it late today, so you can expect to see the third picture up Tuesday. I’ve thrown away my disdain for digital SLRs and am willing to embrace (and re-learn!) the art of photography all over again and without the cost of development!

Camera Upgrade, Canon Rebate

Nikon D80

So I’ve decided to give in to the digital overlords and succumb to buying a DSLR. I’ve got a bevy of cameras lying around my apartment, but as I’ve discussed with several friends, film is just too expensive to work with these days. So now I’m in the final throws in deciding what camera I want to get. And I’m leaning toward a Nikon D80 or a Canon 30D.

I’ll spare all the technical talk, but I did learn at the Ritz/CamerasWest in Seattle that the Nikon D80 and above is compatible with all Nikon lenses from 1950, digital or not. That’s a pretty sweet deal, because lenses that old tend to be cheaper and sometimes even better quality. The Nikon is also not as heavy as the Canons are.

However, via Gizmodo, Canon is giving pretty big rebates on DSLRs and Lenses. And these are instant rebates, no headaches with snail mail. [Coupon PDF]

Canon Rebates

I’ll update when I’ve got my new camera, hopefully within a week or two. Post Script: If you’re ever in Seattle and can’t say more about the Ritz/CamerasWest on 1908 4TH Ave in downtown Seattle. They had the best and informative people I’ve ever met in retail.