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Breaking News (or Not)

I’ve changed my relax-around-the-house outfit from a long green jersey dress.

I now wear a Velcro white terry-cloth wrap-around lined with pink with rainbows printed all over it. Yes it is as ridiculous as it sounds, and I love it.

Also, I’m thinking of dropping $20 on this gem.


Yeah, that’s all I had to say. Happy Monday!

Delivering the Happiest of News to the Internet

In a world…where our minds are inundated with a steady stream of depressing news about unknown conflicts, death, money leaking from your pockets to places to unknown and political unrest, there is now a site you can go to get the most uplifting news found anywhere on the Internet.

Ren, the newest contributor of Sunshine News!

Ren, the newest contributor of Sunshine News!

Enter Sunshine News! This staff of talented writers (which yours truly just joined in order aid such a worthy cause) is dedicated to scouring the Earth (or their brains) to deliver news that’s good for the heart and soul. If you have any tips or story ideas feel free to get a hold of the writers via their Facebook pages or post a comment on the blog (we’ll give you a shout out if the tip actually manifests into an uplifting and inspiring story).

Sunshine News’ Goal: “We here at Sunshine News are just plum sick and tired of all the negative news out there in our world today. So we figured “Aw heck!” We’re going to just tell stories that make you wanna put a smile on your face. Even if we have brew them up in our happy little brain noodles.”

Start your day the Sunshine way!