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Final Trip to Daiso or “I warm your ankle up by whole my body.”

All of my stuff in bags!

All of my stuff in bags!

Daiso in Bellis Fair closed permanently on Saturday last weekend, and it was quite the staggering loss for Aaron and I. So we coped with it the best way we could; spending three hours wandering around the store, picking up useful and not so useful items. Not to mention reading all of the wonderful Engrish stamped on nearly all of their products. I walked away with two ginormous bags full of stuff. After that we stopped off at  Target so I could buy a rice cooker. And this is what is looks like laid out on my floor. My apartment is slowly becoming an emporium of wonderful things. Once I’ve organized everything I’ll have to post a walkthough (I swear, it’s going to happen).

All of my stuff on the floor!

All of my stuff on the floor!

roll14-146Anyhoo, back to my glorious purchases. I took pictures of the things I’m super excited for. Namely, my super awesome can’t live without potato and onion bag! I mean come on, who needs ugly potatoes sitting out open in their  plastic bag, or better yet rotting away in some cabinet (trust me on this you do NOT want the latter to happen).  I can’t tell you how many potatoes have grown into a high school science fair lesson in biology and chemistry in my 2.5 years of being on my own. So I found that this bag was a must and I quickly bought it. Now all I need is some potatoes…or onions.

roll14-148Next up. Cute! Sponge! I bought one for my sister too. I also bought a sponge holder, because I need cute household products in order for me to have the slightest drive to keep my apartment orderly. Seriously, if you came in my apartment you wouldn’t know if a woman or man lived there besides alloftheunderwearlayingaroundonthefloor, what were we talking about? Right. roll14-149Cat towels. Got one right the stove. I haven’t decided if it’s just going to be decorative or for actual cleaning, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get a major spill, which should be, like, this week sometime.

I also bought three pairs of chopsitcks, one set  was a bright yellow like sunshine and came in a carrying case. They are my favorite and will be going with me everywhere I go.

And this. Oh you’ll get to know all about this real soon.

A Weekend of Accomplishing Nothing…Except Watching The X-files

I guess my weekend goals were too lofty, for I did not accomplish the majority of them. I blame my comfy green dress, comcast’s sucky website and The X-files. I own four seasons of the show now, and I have to say it’s one of my better (if not best, yeah I said it better than buying LOST) TV series purchasing decisions. Re-watching this series just proved to me how amazing this show was. It had the best balance of drama, comedy and of course sci-fi.

Of course I’m a bit biased. At the apex of my geekiness I was a apart of the official X-files fan club. I got magazines, bought a script of Bad Blood (one of my favorite episodes) and even had a window decal that survived until last year when I threw it away (I was a member in ’98). I will forever have a female crush on Gillian Anderson and a crush on David Duchovny.

He’s one damn good looking man. And they stole my weekend from me.

BTW: I bought a jersey green dress a few weeks ago. When I get home I immediately put it on, it’s amazing. I wear it around the house, ergo I stay home to wear the dress. Comcast wouldn’t let me access their website which is the only way I PAY MY BILL.

The Art of a Lazy Sunday

With two insanely busy wedding themed weekends behind me, on Sunday I was able to re-live (and hopefully revive) an old pastime of mine. Doing nothing on a Sunday surrounded my friends and family. Some people thrive off of constantly needing something do and being out, but I can say there is nothing like dropping down on a couch with your peeps and finding some random marathon to lock on to (our marathon of choice this Sunday happened to be Bridezillas).Couch

You’re probably thinking how is being lazy an art? Well what some people don’t realize is, it’s what goes on during that lounge time that makes it an art. Lazy Sundays shouldn’t occur EVERY Sunday, nor should they be planned. In many cases people will just gravitate to the living room and won’t budge until the sun is down under the horizon. I’ve also had it occur when friends will just call up to see what’s up, come over and end up on your couch.

But enough about how it OCCURS, it’s about the magic that happens when everyone is together. The thing I enjoy the most is the TV is merely a backdrop to what’s going on between everyone. Somebody will be watching the show, someone might be on the computer (this weekend my friend decided to look up actual crime scene photos for fun), working on a project or anything for that matter. Throughout the day we’ll have small (but meaningful) conversations about a tiny topic either prompted by what we’re watching (no bride or bridezilla will ever treat us like that) or what the particular person is doing (How does one commit murder and live with it?). And of course the experience can be tiring, so there is light napping throughout the day. I learn a lot about my friends and family when we do these lazy Sundays and it’s an unfortunate experience I don’t get to share with a lot of friends because they can be obsessed with constantly doing things and going out. I sure hope that this type a day isn’t slowly going the way of the buffalo, because if you do it right, it’s relaxing, stress-relieving, thought-provoking kind of day.

Yes, I’m bringing lazy back.

And it’s totally an art form.