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And That Is Why I Had The Best Weekend Ever

My best friend and partner in crime, Maggie, came up to visit me this weekend. I had a glorious weekend planned and a glorious weekend we had, well it was more like a glorious Saturday, but on with the show. I’m horrible on everyone’s birthday. I tend to give presents months late, usually once I find something I’ll just buy it for a friend and call it a present.

So thanks to work I received a $50 dollar gift certificate to the Chrysalis Inn & Spa and decided to treat her (and myself) to pedicures and a full body aromatherapy message at 5 p.m. So in the morning we woke up early and had fresh baked pastries from Avenue Bread and took them to the family of an old professor of ours to have English tea and catch up with his family (he was off at a poker tournament in Vegas). Toward the end of our breakfast Viki, who we were having breakfast with, suggested we check out a vintage store in Fairhaven, thus kicking off the exciting shopping portion of the day.

I bought a pair of authentic alligator boots for my best friend Layla (I missed her birthday, too) and a pair of real peacock feather earrings. Maggie and I browsed a few more stores in Fairhaven and headed off to Ross to try on an obscene amount of clothes and stand in an even more obscene checkout line. We then bounced over to the mall for more shopping. We added some pieces to our wardrobes (although we both missed out on some pieces we needed, new jeans, boots, leggings…). We finally ran into Costco, because according to Maggie I was in need of toilet paper… a lot of it…

Heaven on Earth.

Heaven on Earth.

After burning up 5 hours on shopping we hit the spa. We were wrapped in soft towels and sat in a steam room for 20 minutes. I’ve never done that before and could of easily stayed in there for an hour. We then go into robes and sat down in the relaxation room to dine on snacks and drink tea before having pedicures, which were fantastic. We relaxed a bit more before I had my first full body massage. One word: Phenomenal. I was walking clouds after it was done. After the massages we had the entire spa bathroom to ourselves. So after 4 hours at the Chrysalis Inn & Spa, thanks to work once again, we dined at Giuseppe’s downtown. We had two divine dishes and split a delicious Caesar Salad for $5.

You can see how content we were once we arrived back at my apartment at 10 p.m.

We dined, shopped, were pampered then we fine dined again. We lived a life of luxury in one day and it was divine.

I’ve got a friend on Last Comic Standing!

Jeff DyeI was watching TV last night (surprise,┬ásurprise) when I saw a promo for the Last Comic Standing competition in Las Vegas Thursday and saw my old high school friend Jeff Dye (for like .5 seconds (is it possible for less of a second to be plural?)). He went to a rival high school and since our football team sucked and theirs was good we used to hang out at their games and give them crap (we also ran the concession stand for every high school football team that played at our stadium (thanks Key Club : /) and chatted it up when his team played there, too). I’ve got a funny end of the school year picture with him that I have to dig up, but I’ll post it if I find it within a couple of days.

He played up at Western a few months ago, he the first person I’ve know to do something this big. I hope the best for him and if you’re watching vote!

Jeff Dye – Last Comic Standing Full Audition